Osaka/Hiroshima (27-29.06.2017)

Unfortunately we didn't get to spend a lot of time exploring Osaka. However, from what we saw it seemed to be a less intense version of Tokyo, similar in terms of the atmosphere, just a little quieter. Our day trip to Hiroshima was humbling. Some graphic imagery really put focus on the absolute destruction that… Continue reading Osaka/Hiroshima (27-29.06.2017)


Kyoto, Japan (24-27.06.2017)

If Tokyo were an excitable child then Kyoto would be its grandfather, being the imperial capital of Japan for over one thousand years, until emperor Meiji moved (and thus the status of Capital) to Tokyo around 150 years ago. A more "old school" Japan, with protected streets that keep the historical feel to parts of… Continue reading Kyoto, Japan (24-27.06.2017)